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Energy Development Partners

If you are an organization looking to optimize your clean energy needs or a property owner interested in creating revenue on underutilized land, Energy Development Partners (EDP) is here to be your partner in renewable energy.


With increased awareness of corporate environmental responsibility, we help organizations create a robust clean energy profile. Working with EDP enables our partners to meet or exceed their clean energy goals, boost profitability and enhance the Environment, Social and Governance profile of their organizations.


If you are a property owner with over 10 acres of land or roof space, Energy Development Partners can help you generate guaranteed income while creating a more sustainable future.

Photograph provided by AES

Photograph provided by AES

Our experience allows us to succeed in developing projects while focusing on energy optimization, land acquisition, interconnection and permitting. We partner with corporations, landowners, municipalities, universities and investors to develop quality solutions.


EDP works with innovators because that is our culture. We started in 2011 with a 500 kWp system in Rhode Island and now have over 200 MWp in development in the US and another 1180 MWp internationally.


EDP develops top tier projects, working from start to finish and beyond to guarantee they will exceed detailed institutional due diligence.


We Specialize in Solar and Battery Storage

Energy Development Partners is a solutions provider, bringing together an experienced team to navigate all aspects of renewable energy development. With a combined 100 years of project development experience and operating internationally, we are committed to developing high quality energy projects.


We offer land development, permitting, interconnection services, energy optimization for corporations and public entities and financing solutions.


We identify and secure project sites through due diligence of environmental and physical factors, working with the property owner to ensure a fair lease or purchase option is finalized.


We secure the necessary town, state and federal permits required to build a solar power plant.


We analyze then proceed with interconnection applications and manage the approval and impact study processes as the project progresses toward an interconnection agreement with the applicable utility company.


We source, negotiate and execute a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with bankable off-takers to ensure the financial success of the solar power plants.


Reasons to Choose Us

We have proven experience, are flexible and focus on results. Our goal is to develop projects that meet the needs of all parties – landowners, the local community, public organizations, investors, corporations. We believe in creating lasting relationships that help our customers meet their clean energy goals while realizing greater revenue or savings. Through hard work, innovation and creativity, we can help chart a sustainable and profitable future.


Photograph provided by AES

1Experts in Project Development
2Reduction in Electricity Prices
3Creating A Better Tomorrow
4Realization of Environment, Social and Governance Goals       for Organizations